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Changing a Home Page DIVI Module Section

This video will show you the steps taken to update a homepage module in your DIVI theme website. Quick re-cap: sign in to your website go to your home page find the module you need to change click on the three lines to open the module add...

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Updating Your DIVI Photo Gallery

Changing / updating your images within your DIVI photo gallery This video will show you the steps taken to update your gallery. Images - Important When adding your images remember to: Re-Size (I like to re-size images to no larger than...

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More Productivity

I am a email checker are you? The minute I hear the bing I check... this does not lend to a very productive day! It was time to do something and it was so easy and very helpful. Want to be more productive? Simply turn on - do not disturb. Want to be very productive?...

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Mailbox Zero – Ahhhh!

Have you seen this:  in case you are wondering what this is.... it is my mailbox saying nothing... no emails! I hate to admit this but this is a first for me in years! I always thought I had to save things, you know for just in case. Wow, I really did not have a clue...

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Productivity Tip – Mac Desktops

Productivity Hack for Mac Desktops I used to have so many tabs opened on my mac chrome browser (like 50 at a time). How could I find what I needed... but then again, how could I close the tab when I still needed it open? Problem solved! To eliminate the need to have...

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Checking your stats with Site Stats

Check your site statistics easily with Site Stats from Jetpack. log into your site find jetpack click on site stats Here you will be able to view all sorts of data. Check your data in Days, Weeks or Months. What you can view: your referrers search engine terms (what...

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Online Reviews Made Easy

This link was shared by another Expand2Web expert and we thought it was a great share for clients. Online reviews are great, but not every client/customer knows exactly how to do this. This is a step by step guide to creating a review on Google + and yelp. An Easier...

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Google Changes – Are you mobile friendly?

Google is making changes! Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will...

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Create User Friendly Websites

Well Designed Websites With Simplicity In Mind Can Help You Sell more products, book more service jobs and - Make More Money When visiting a website, what makes you appreciate it? I want a website that gets me exactly where I need to go in a glance. After looking over...

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