Optimizing Images

Adding images to a website is an excellent way to show potential or likely clients your work. This may be done with a before and after page, a post, or in a service page. To gain the most out of your images, be sure to take the proper steps optimizing them.

When optimizing images correctly not only will clients see your titles but so will Google.

Correct Image Optimization

When an image is correctly optimized the title tag of the image will appear

How to correctly tag your images for Google and your customers

Wrong Image Optimization

Wrong image tagging for Google and your customers


Steps to Proper Image Optimization

Add an image

Adding an image to your service site for best search engine optimization.

Adding images to a wordpress site

Add title text and alt text using keywords. Add a caption if needed.

Choose if  images should link to a page, a pdf, or choose none.

Choose the alignment.

Choose the size.

Greencastle Service Sites adding search engine optimization to your images

Extra Customization

To further customize an image, hover over the image in the post or page editor and click on the image icon.

Greencastle Service Sites Optimizing Images

This box will appear and from here a border can be added, the image resized and re-linked.

Greencastle Service Sites image optimizing

To resize, click on a percentage to scale the image.

In the advance setting tab, a border may be added.

Greencastle Service sites Image SEO Advance Settings

Adding a border is purely optional and is only to enhance the view for your readers.

Greencastle Service Sites Adding a boarder to your images

Do you optimize your images and if so do you find it to be a simple process?

In the Members area there is a PDF checklist for simplifying the process of optimizing your images. To grow your service based website please join GreencastleWPMember. There is so much information that it is easy to make the internet your second job but it is time to focus on your real job, getting customers! Let us help you find what you need. We will show you what you need to do, what you can do, and what may not be so important.

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