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Let me show you how to be more productive quickly.  I am not the pro teaching intricate ways of hard to remember productivity tools… I am just helping you get a quick start into freeing up your up time for awesome things… like family! Simple Productivity to gift you time!

Are you too busy to find the right tools?

Time is so crucial and no-one wants to waste time. 

I have been there. Busy parent, business owner, all kinds of life happening, just getting through… the tools I could have been utilizing but never had the time to figure out how to implement. Learn productivity tools quickly and start gifting yourself time!


I can help you find more time to do what you love!

I happily show people how to be more productive and streamline their business so they have time to do what they love!

No More Stickies

7 weeks to free time!

Life – Organized Emails – Simplified Calendars – Made for you Clients – Clear Designs – Effortless Invoices – Painless Mac hacks – Awesome!

Every note assessable!

If just one tool could save you time everyday it would be well worth it!


70 ways to rock as an entrepreneur

WordCamp Boston   We went to Boston last week (Mike and I), what a great city! We went to Fenway Park, was introduced to J.P. Lick (best ice cream, good thing there are none around here) and the list goes on. But the real reason for the trip was for  WordCamp Boston!...

Clear Your Desktop

A computer desktop that is clear of clutter can work magic on your creativity and flow for your projects. Cleaning your desktop is as easy as a click of a button. Check it out here!

Freshbooks for Service-Based Business owners

Accounting and invoicing made much easier with Freshbooks. One of my favorite productivity tools - FreshBooks!   FreshBooks is recognized as the #1 cloud accounting solution for small business owners. Benefits FreshBooks offers the following benefits: 1. Affordable. ...

More Productivity

I am a email checker are you? The minute I hear the bing I check... this does not lend to a very productive day! It was time to do something and it was so easy and very helpful. Want to be more productive? Simply turn on - do not disturb. Want to be very productive?...

Mailbox Zero – Ahhhh!

Have you seen this:  in case you are wondering what this is.... it is my mailbox saying nothing... no emails! I hate to admit this but this is a first for me in years! I always thought I had to save things, you know for just in case. Wow, I really did not have a clue...

Productivity Tip – Mac Desktops

Productivity Hack for Mac Desktops I used to have so many tabs opened on my mac chrome browser (like 50 at a time). How could I find what I needed... but then again, how could I close the tab when I still needed it open? Problem solved! To eliminate the need to have...

Gravity Forms – A Great Plug-in for WordPress

Gravity Forms is considered one of the top-notch WordPress plug-ins. This easy to use plug-in allows WordPress site owners to create and manage with ease every kind of form - both simple and extremely long complex forms. We find that we almost always use at least one...

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