Creating Exceptional Websites To GROW your business.


Creating your website shouldn't be frustrating

✓ if you're struggling to convey your style and brand
✓ if you're not sure what content is necessary
✓ if the format, the plugins, and SEO are a tad confusing....

No worries, we handle it all!

You've got a business to build, let your website work for you.

We'll Create Your Website So You Can GROW Your Business
No technical skills required.

Quick Site

When You Need Quick


Let's get you moving on your website quickly. We'll offer a variety of templates and let AI give us a hand at imaging and content. New, creative, quick, and cost-effective.

Fully Designed

Designed to Specifications


You know what you want and we "get it". That's why I became a web designer! Send us your list and priorities, and we will do what we do and send you a beautiful, working-to-your-specifications website.

SEO - Optimization

Everything Else


You know, all the behind-the-scenes, or maybe you don't. No worries, you don't have to. We do the SEO, the optimizations, the speed, and all the necessities.


You have a business to GROW, we have your website plan.


Once on the schedule, our packages take approximately one to two weeks to complete.

There will be a few phone calls, a few forms to fill out, and voilà - finished.


Schedule A Call


Tell us about your business, your plans, and your expectations!


Your Plan - Let's Create


Let's create the perfect plan for your business!


Grow Your Business


Now it's time to GROW your business with confidence!

"Such a big help in re-establishing my small businesses web presence and developing a Google friendly website." – Marc S.


Meet Laura


In 2004 I had a business but could not transfer my vision to a web designer.

I get it, running your own company is challenging enough without the frustration of telling someone else what you want them to create for you.

We'll fix that together!

10+ years later and working with hundreds of satisfied clients, I'm still helping businesses fulfill their online needs by creating exceptional websites tailored to each client's needs.

I look forward to working with you!

Greencastle Web Design is a premier provider of WordPress web design and hosting services, with a strong focus on creating stunning websites since 2009. Specializing in optimizing websites for long-term success and growth, Greencastle eliminates the need for technical expertise by offering easy and reliable hosting solutions. Based in Wilmington, NC, Greencastle caters to clients globally, delivering top-notch websites that capture the essence of each business and drive online success.


Our work, our process, our way of making exceptional websites:


Every client is different, and unique, with their own set of amazing! So every time we set out to make an exceptional website design it is always a new fun experience.

We look forward to enjoying the web design process with you and your company.
Wilmington NC 28411


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