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Build Your Business

Innovative Website Design • Copy That Converts • Business Made Simple Coaching

Businesses that get results have:

  • Solid Online Presence

  • Clear Messaging

  • Business Made Simple Coach

Don't Be Slowed Down

Are you spending hours figuring out how to create a website?
Have you found it hard to convert readers to clients?
Do you know what your next steps are?
Would you like help?

Build your amazing business...


  • A Solid Foundation

    We'll take care of the design and technical needs of your website.


  • Attract More Clients

    Having copy that converts your readers into clients is essential. 


  • Grow Your business

    Get to the next level and beyond with our coaching platform. 

we get it

Being a business/entrepreneur is hard. Trying to do it all is exhausting. We know you need a company that has your back, that will help your business grow, and that takes the "next steps" frustration away.

Let's start where you are:

  • New Company

    How exciting! We will help you get started on the right foot, with the right tools, website, and copy to start strong! 

  • You Need To Grow

    Not getting you the results you were looking for or maybe you have outgrown your messaging and need something more robust. We get it and we can help!

  • Totally Invested

    We are invested in your success and will be with you along the way with Business Made Simple coaching. We've got this!

We have a simple 1.2.3. Process

Here's the plan

  • 1. Chat

    We will listen to your needs then together we'll create the best plan for your business.

  • 2. Plan

    We will use a proven framework (that has helped 1,000's of businesses like yours) and create your individual business plan.

  • 3. Grow

    You rock! You now have a business plan that works, you'll attract more clients, and your business will grow. Time to celebrate!

We've got this

Every business wants to be an awesome business. We are going to help you make that happen with a professional website, copy that converts, and a coach that can help you plan your next steps. 


What Our Clients Say

Laura is a wonderful person to work with. She always ready to help me when I need her!


Proline Plumbing & Heating

Laura is a great translator of techie jargon, and enabled me to toss my copy of Websites for Dummies in the trash!

Stratosphere Advisors

Greencastle has been such a great help in reestablishing my small businesses' web presence and developing a Google-friendly website.

Marc Siegel

Marc Siegel Music

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Take a 20-minute test to determine the health of your business.
Then give us a call to set in action a proven framework to GROW your business!

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