Five Ways to Add a Great Before and After Photo Gallery

Adding before and after photos in a photo gallery page is a must as this is one of the highest viewed pages of a service business website. Potential clients/customers want to see the work that you have done. Showcasing your accomplishments in a photo gallery is a great way to show your performance.

Five Ways to Add a Great Before and After Photo Gallery 

Remember to search engine optimize your images as you add them to your site.

  1. Jetpack Gallery
  2. Jetpack Slideshow
  3. Simple Add
  4. NextGen Gallery
  5. Before and Afters Presented Together

Jetpack Gallery

If you have an updated WordPress website with JetPack installed one of your options to install is Carousel.


Adding Carousel will give you added options when adding media to your website.

Create Gallery


Choose the images for your gallery by clicking holding the shift button and clicking all the images you want.

Gallery Options

Now you will have the option to create a slide show or rows of images with added captions.

Gallery Settings

Jetpack Gallery

Jetpack Gallery can be set up with your choice of columns.



Three seems to be a good choice and captions can be added for extra appeal.

Jetpack gallery 3 Column

Jetpack Slideshow

Jetpack Slideshow-this is a nice feature if you have several images you want to showcase.

Within the Jetpack configuration, you can set a white background or a black background.

JetPackSlide Show


Simple Add

Adding images can be as easy as uploading your images and arranging them to work within your site. No Jetpack just the add media button and a little tweaking for size.

Simple Add

NextGen Gallery

NextGen gallery is a plugin to add to your WordPress Website that will give you options for watermarks on your images, slide show options, easily add more images as you have additional work to show. NextGen gallery, NextGen Scroll, PDF NextGen Guide. Nice examples of the NextGen scroll can be seen at Clean The Roof.

NexGen Sample


Before and After Images Presented Together

Another good way to present your before and after photos, especially if you have many, is to add the before and after as one image. A nice example can be seen at Sullivan Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning.

Before and After Images Presented Together


How do you handle before and after photos and do you see your photo gallery page as a valuable tool to generating more customers?



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