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Why WordPress – Update

With all the options, including free options, I wrote an article titled Why WordPress. Lately, I have been noticing new businesses not only utilizing other builders but sometimes not even creating a website. Why? All my reasons to build on WordPress still hold true. So I asked AI: Why small businesses do not utilize websites […]

Website Images – update

Great Images For Your Website – updated

In 2016, I wrote an article about images for your website. How/where to find images, how to title images to optimize for Google (SEO-search engine optimization), and how to size your images. You can find that article here. Today, I wondered if I utilized AI and asked the questions I answered back then would there […]

website refresh

What A Website Refresh Can Do For Your Business

I am calling myself out Your business depends on your website. Your website needs to tell a story of who you are and what you do through the right copy and the right images. Greencastle Web Design recently needed a website refresh and in a rush, I totally misrepresented Greencastle. I know, I know, I […]

The 3 “must haves” for an Exceptional Website

We hope you LOVE your business! And that your website is increasing your traffic and boosting your bottom line. If so, you have droves of clients, plenty of leads, and mammoth sales! But, if your website is not working as hard as you, check to see if these three items are up to par, and […]

Why WordPress

For ten years, we have been creating WordPress websites and have never changed or even thought about changing to another platform. We have changed themes, utilized new plugins, learned new ways to build. But leaving WordPress has never even been a thought. Below are a few reasons why. After utilizing and creating WordPress websites for […]

7 Signs Your Website Needs an Update

Greencastle Web Design just did a major website update. Whew, finally. We needed a major overhaul for a while now but we were so busy with work it took a while to find time to update our own site. How do you know when you need to update your website? 7 signs to signal you should update, […]

How to Utilize Google Images Safely

We have always stated do not grab Google images to use on your website as this was not a safe practice. This is no longer the case (thank you for this awesome tip via Expand2Web Expert class). You can now safely grab images from Google and use them on your website and marketing material.. as […]

Choosing Brand Colors For Your Business

Are you trying to decide on brand colors for your business? This info graphic is a fun way to help you decide what might be right for you! Learn more about how to select your logo colors on 99designs.

Update – Feed Google Fresh Relevant Content

Back in 2013, I wrote this post about adding fresh relevant content to your website for Google. Today, three years later, the same holds true! Google likes good, relevant content! Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed over the years. Once upon a time, it was smart to add zip codes…  now frowned upon, once it […]

Great Images For Your Website

  How to Find Great Images I attended Boston Word Camp this year and one of the most interesting facts I heard was that an image is processed 60,000 times faster than words. Hmmm…. I would rather see in pictures than read a long description but I did not really understand that images are processed this […]

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70 ways to rock as an entrepreneur

WordCamp Boston We went to Boston last week (Mike and I), what a great city! We went to Fenway Park, was introduced to J.P. Lick (best ice cream, good thing there are none around here) and the list goes on. But the real reason for the trip was for  WordCamp Boston!  There are closer WordCamps but going […]
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