City Pages Created For Your Business

Your website needs traffic, but how do you get traffic from the neighboring cities and towns that you service?


Greencastle has been creating City Pages with great results. We began, with the knowledge that our clients had a need to reach towns and cities via the web that their business serviced, but these businesses were not getting traffic from those areas. We did our research, did some trial and error and have come up with what we know to be the best way of gaining traffic for the cities you service.

City pages are a practical, affordable and if done correctly an effective way to reach areas that you want your business to be found.


Create optimized pages for designated towns with relevant keywords

Client Responsibilities

Once we decide on how many City Pages you will need, after payment, we will direct you to a form to fill out by you. That is it, we will do the rest!

Reach and be found in your service areas!

Geo-Targeted Pages (Packs)

Please provide as much information as possible in the form below for your Geo-Targeted pages. Geo-Targeted pages will help your business get found faster and more often for your designated service areas (towns/cities)
  • Please provide your legally registered business name and address.
  • Type the name of the town that you are servicing.
  • Name the state in which the town above is located.
  • If you have a testimonial from a customer in this town, please include it here.
  • Two testimonials even better! : )
  • If possible, please provide one representative photo of a job you have done in this town; a before and after photo is even better.
  • Do you have a video for your Geo-Targeted area? Please upload or send a YouTube link.
  • If not available please add N/A-If you need a Facebook page please contact us.
  • Please send us a link to your Google Places Page if you have one set up for this new area/office.
  • Please add any additional relevant information about your business, satisfaction guarantees, years in business, awards you have won, professional memberships, etc., that you would like to see included in your Geo-Targeted page.
  • Please provide a valid email address that you check regularly in case we have any questions about your submission.
  • Please provide your official office phone number for inclusion in your page listing. Thank you!
  • Something special about the city i.e. you are a member of their chamber of commerce, you frequent a special restaurant? We like to link your page to another site within the same community.

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