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Content Pulls Visitors To Your Website

Content is king, or that is the way it used to be said.  Now, said even better ~ Good Content Is King!   Digital Strategy               

To achieve good website traffic, your site must pay homage to current Google rules. Ironically, we are unaware of the precise mathematical algorithm that Google uses to rank sites. The rules change frequently, so what worked with Google six or 12 months ago might not work now. What we do know is that to keep a good Google and customer presence we need good content.

What Kind Of Content

  • Blog Articles
  • Images
  • Video
  • Podcast

Though it is smart to do keyword research before you create website content, the apparent new rules reward you with better ranking if what you write advances the knowledge about your company or service rather than mechanically giving homage to how many times you have used a specific keyword. Readers come to your site because you have something that interests them. Once they get there, you must gradually build them into customers.

Content management of your site might mean optimizing videos to one business owner and to another a new blog post each week. Whatever your needs, please fill in the form below so we can get started to help you grow your web presence and your business.


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