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Back in 2013, I wrote this post about adding fresh relevant content to your website for Google. Today, three years later, the same holds true! Google likes good, relevant content!

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed over the years. Once upon a time, it was smart to add zip codes…  now frowned upon, once it was smart to get links from anywhere, no longer is this a good option. What has held true and will keep holding true is Good Content. Even though your new website will need time to grow and become trusted by Google adding good relevant content will help create this trust. Think of Google as a person… they want to give their customers (people who Google search) the best answer from someone Google trusts. If Google knows your website has been giving great content, great answers, then Google will feel good sending people your way.  So start adding great content, content that people are looking for, searching for, and simply want. This can be done via written content, images, or videos. If you get asked a certain question on a weekly basis then answering this question clearly and easily on your website would be good content.
• Written Content
• Image Content
• Video Content
• Testimonials
Adding written content, optimized images, videos, and testimonials are all great ways to get your site ranked higher without spending money.

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Benefits of Fresh Relevant Content

Time and again we hear and read the famous line that “fresh, relevant content is vital for the success of every website”.

It is also a generally accepted SEO fact that Google loves fresh content.

How does Google define fresh content?

Fresh content refers to content that is new or dynamic in nature and gives a person a reason to visit your website. This implies that the content you provide should not only be new but should likewise provide reliable and valuable information.

Google expresses its love for websites that update frequently.  Regular updating of your website with fresh content will not only garner appreciation and loyalty from your visitors but will also prompt the Google spider to visit and index your site. This helps your page obtain better placement on search engine results page (SERP).

3 Benefits from regularly updating your website with fresh content

Among the benefits from regular posting of fresh content are:

  • Helps your website rank higher in search engine results page (SERP)
  • Can create your image as a successful and active business
  • Can build visitor confidence that you are an expert  and authority of the niche

7 types of fresh content that Google will love

1. Content with a differing point of view.  Your content includes your own distinctive point of view.

2. Content with unique information. Your fresh content has unique information in it.

3. Content that is original.  Your content is not available anywhere else, except on your site.

4. Content with new information or trend.  Popular content is the ones that Google will rank very quickly.

5. Content with well-researched information. Google values content with good details in it. This type of content can provide rich information for the readers.

6. Content that talks of common issues and provide insightful solutions.

7. Content that examines the latest industry statistics and facts

Do you give Google a chance to love your site?

What about sharing your personal experience of how you stayed on top of your website’s fresh content?

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