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The Frameworks Found In Business Made Simple University

BMSU - To Grow Your Business

Too many people get to the end of their lives and are mired in regret. They leave their lives up to fate and
wonder why, at the end of their life, they feel it was meaningless. The truth is this: fate is a terrible writer. It’s
time to take back control of our lives and our time and create a life full of direction and meaning.


Hero On A Mission will teach you to create a life plan that will give you a deep sense of meaning. This course
will also walk you through a goal setting exercise that will ensure you actually achieve the most important
goals in your life. The ultimate deliverable is a Daily Planner that you’ll use to create a morning ritual that will
keep your life focused and on track.
If you start with a good mission statement, you can conquer the world. But there’s a problem. Most
businesses have a mission statement that isn’t working. It’s long, confusing, and unmemorable. Instead of
moving people forward, it’s making people bored.

In this course you’ll learn why you need to replace your mission statement with a set of Guiding Principles.
Your set of Guiding Principles consists of 5 statements that give you focus and direction in your life and in your
work. You can create this set of Guiding Principles for your own life, for your team, and for your organization.
We’ve got a serious problem. Most of us, whether we are salespeople, customer service representatives,
marketers, or leaders, are being ignored. The reason we are being ignored is because we are not
communicating clearly.

You’re here to clarify your message so customers will listen, and nothing causes people to stop and listen
like a great story. The StoryBrand 7-Part Framework uses ancient storytelling principles to help you clarify
your message. Once you learn the framework, you’ll be seen, heard, and understood, both in your company’s
internal and external communication. If you become the most simple, clear communicator, you will win.
Marketing should be easy and it should work. But most business leaders struggle with marketing. They spend
a ton of money on websites that don’t work. They need to send sales emails, but have no idea what to say.

When leads slow down, they’re at a loss for how to get them going again. The secret to solving these
marketing problems is a sales funnel. This course is going to teach you how to create a sales funnel that
works. This course will finally take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. No matter the size of your
business, creating a sales funnel is the easiest way to grow. It’s the marketing playbook you’ve been looking
for. It will work for your business regardless of what you sell or who you sell to..
In today’s corporate environment, if you can communicate well, you are unstoppable. However, too many business leaders fail to understand that communication must be planned. As a result, their message is
confusing and ultimately, ignored.
Great communication is planned.
 This course will teach you the step by-step plan you need to
communicate effectively.
This course will teach you a framework that helps you plan and clarify your communication. It will then teach you a playbook so you can execute those words into an effective communication campaign. You’ll learn to give a speech, create a script for a video, write an email, create social media posts, and create a
press release that invites others to understand and respond to whatever story you are inviting them into.

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The Frameworks Found In The Book

To Grow Your Business

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  • Communication
  • Messaging
  • Execution
  • Management
  • Mission Statements
  • Character
  • Navigation
  • Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Sales

StoryBrand Workshop

From Your Home Office

In these uncertain times, businesses that have clarified their message and built a sales funnel are much more likely to survive.

Livestream the StoryBrand Marketing Workshop from your home or office!

Watch every speaker at the event AND receive real-time coaching in an online breakout room to make sure that you’re doing it right.

  • Get access to live sessions from Donald Miller, Dr. J.J. Peterson, Koula Callahan, and more!
  • Create the only 7 messages you need to grow revenue for your business
  • Get coaching and feedback on your message from StoryBrand Experts
  • Clarify your marketing in just 48 hours and know you’re doing it right
  • Do all this from the comfort of your office or living room!
  • Get secret insights from Don and his team

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How Healthy Is Your Business? Download and take this 20-minute test to determine the fitness level of your business.

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