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Show off your positive reviews with an online review system.


GetFiveStars uses a “feedback first” approach to helping you engage with your customers to build testimonials and reviews for your business.Check out our GetFiveStar review page.

The key areas where GetFiveStars provides value to your business:

1) Capturing Feedback

By asking each of your customers for feedback, you are engaging in a valuable conversation with them. Many times when you ask for honest feedback you will find customers that were unhappy about something you never would have considered. By asking for feedback and listening to them after the visit or sale you will know if they are happy or not.

2) Publishing Testimonials

Capture testimonials from your happy customers that can be published to your website easily. GetFiveStars automatically marks them up Review format that Google understands and crawls. This may result in rich snippets showing with search results for the testimonials page, and always results in unique, original content from your customers being added to your website. This content will contain text and keyword phrases you never would have thought of yourself.

3) Building Online Reviews 

After positive feedback, we make it easy for your customers to leave you online reviews across the web by providing direct links to the review sites your want to feature on your thank-you page. This leads to a steady stream of online reviews on the most important review sites for your business and industry that builds over time without you having to do anything extra.

4) More Repeat Business and Referrals

This automated follow up process also helps you identify who your “promoters” are, so you can take extra special care of them and help them spread the word about your business.

Getting a new customer is 6x more expensive than keeping an existing one. By following up with your customers after the sale, you are initiating the valuable “post-sale conversation” – which leads to happier customers who come back for more business and tell their friends and family about you too.

5) Better Search Results and Conversions

The testimonials on your website are viewed by Google as unique content from your customers, containing keywords that prospective customers are searching for. Rich snippets, online reviews from 3rd party sites – all of these things add up to better search results and conversions, leading to more new customers for your business.


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