How A Skype Session Works

Consulting / Extra Support / Coaching

A Skype session is one on one personal training that will help you quickly without watching tutorials or waiting and searching for answers.

Once you purchase your session you will be directed to a form to fill out. Please fill out the form the best you can so that we spend most of our time addressing your needs.  On our call, we will address your needs, then we will work through your changes together and this will be recorded so you can reference it as many times as needed.

You will be watching or doing as we work together on your site — menu changes, adding pages, adding content, changing colors, SEO, etc. — as many tweaks as we can squeeze into our 45-minute session.

It will be a work session + tutoring, because you can learn a lot by doing. We know a lot about WordPress and SmallBiz theme not to mention local traffic and service type businesses. Because we have spent years in expert groups, we also know how and where to find the answer when we just don’t know.

You will get a recording 

You will be emailed or if needed sent a link to dropbox so that you will have a recording of what we did and how we did it so that you can make the changes you need over and over again.

Need a Skype Account? Sign up for Skype 

We will invoice you per hour ($125 for 1 hour Skype session and video). After payment is made you will be directed to a form where you can let us know what you want to cover and when is your best available times.

Skype Session

Consulting / Extra Support / Coaching
  • If you do not wish to use Skype we can do a Go-To-Meeting where we can share computer screens.
  • Please feel free to be as descriptive as possible so that I can be ready before
  • Please list your most availalbe times.

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