Timely App Real Uses

TimelyApp Real Uses

Here you will find real uses for TimelyApp. These are ways that TimelyApp have been helpful to my business. I am sure you will find even more ways to use TimelyApp depending on your specific needs.

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TimelyApp – Calendar 

Adding and utilizing the calendar in TimelyApp is easy and functional.

TimelyApp makes it easy to add projects. Projects can be color coded (which I love), hourly rate added (adjusted per project), and if you would like, budgeted for time or money. Free accounts are limited to three projects, a paid subscription can have as many projects as you would like. TimelyApp-projects

TimelyApp Reports, make it easy for you to download your billable time, send reports to your clients, and keep track of time you spend on business related projects. Having clients with different hourly rates makes this a very productive and time saving tool!

Pro Tips / Resources

Head on over to Timely App Pro – Tips / Resources to dig deeper and see how to implement global commands and more! NEXT UP (3) If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.