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Websites that get results have:

  • The Right Theme & Plugins

  • SEO & Speed

  • Clear Messaging

Don't Stop Because Of Your Website

Do you know how to create a website?
Do you know what theme is built for speed?
Do you know how to add SEO (search engine optimization) to your website?
Would you like help?

We Will Build your amazing website


  • A Solid Foundation

    While you take care of your business we'll take care of the design, technicalities, and SEO needs of your website. 


  • Attract More Clients

    Your clients need to know you are the right business for their needs. We will be sure that your copy converts readers into clients.


  • Grow Your business

    Work on your business, not in it! The technicalities are taken care of, your copy is right and now it's time to do your thing - grow!

we get it

You have to run your business and that's enough. Trying to figure out how to build a website should not be on your list of things to do. Building a website that has all the functions you need is not easy or quick to learn. We've been creating websites since 2009 and we will create yours correctly and timely. 

Let's start where you are:

  • New Company

    Great! Brand new website! Starting from the start we will build your company a website with the best foundation for years of growth.

  • Re-Build

    Your website is ready for a make-over, copy that converts! We will update your website to clearly state your purpose and you'll be proud to show off your brand.

  • BMS Coach

    Business Made Simple Coach - We know how important it is to get started! We will get you up and running quickly with the right theme, plugins, and pages so you can begin your coaching.

We have a simple 1.2.3. Process

Here's the plan

  • 1. Chat

    We will listen to your needs then together we'll create the best plan for your business.

  • 2. Create

    We will use a proven framework and utilize the correct tools to create your professional website.

  • 3. Launch

    How exciting, your website is launched. Time to show off your site!
    Time to celebrate!  

WordPress Web Design Services

Dakota Life Fitness
website done by Greencastle Web Design

We Create Professional WordPress Websites

At Greencastle Web Design, our goal is to help you build a better business! Whether you are a full-service business or a one-person show we are here to help. We utilize innovative design, copy that converts, review system, and search engine optimization to get Google's attention.

We will take care of the tech & Design

Your job is to grow your business. Our job is to know how to implement the three-tier process.

  1. Our Foundational Groundwork
  2. Our Search Engine Optimization Framework
  3. Our proven Content Strategy

Our Foundational Groundwork has been tested and remade throughout a decade of solving, creating, and finding the solutions that work best for every business we encounter. This process is an ongoing ever-changing field. To keep up we have chosen a few must-haves to keep any new clients experience strong and solid.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how web browsers (mainly Google) reads your content. Knowing how to add titles, meta descriptions, image optimization is the foundational way to get your site growing online. If you feed Google what Google wants and needs for its customers (the searchers) you will have a head-start in the SEO arena.

Our Content Strategy will be partly the same for every business yet different for every business. Love how that works... We have a set of proven questions and fill in the blanks to make your content attract the right cliental to your business.

Sample of Our Projects

USG Performance Flooring

USG Performance Flooring needed an informational website to give their salesforce and staff a quick and easy way to attain pertinent information. While some files are safe and secure and need a password to obtain other items are made easily assessable.

View: USG Performace Flooring


Plaster needed an overhaul of its plaster store that was first created on Yahoo years ago. Today Plaster is working on a WordPress site with Woo Commerce.

View: Plaster

Bush Quality Cleaners

Bush Quality Cleaners was built several years back on Expand2Webs Small Business theme (which at the time was the top-notch theme) which had been re-worked to Expand2Webs Business Advantage theme and is now a no longer supported theme. Times they keep changing and we have to move with them so to support a site like this we upgraded to a fully supported theme. If you find your theme is no longer supported give us a call as we keep up to date with the latest and neverending changes.

View: Bush Quality Cleaners

If your website was built with the SmallBiz theme or Business advantage theme (from Expand to Web) it is time for a website update. Below you can see a SmallBiz theme re-designed and updated.


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