Creating Small Business Websites

Here at Greencastle Web Design we use many tools. Over the years we have programs, sites, software and tricks that help us to help create websites and graphics. One day we stumbled upon what is now our foundation. A WordPress theme that we use for creating clients small business websites. And, today our favorite WordPress theme has an upgrade!

  • Grab the new Expand2Web smallbiz Version 3.6 theme.
  • Create Your Own Small Business Site! (or of course hire us)

    • First you need a web Host – BlueHost is our choice for domain and hosting. Why we choose BlueHost here.

    • Next you need to install WordPress via simple scripts.

    Now the best tool for a small business website!

    Smallbiz Version 3.6 introduces the ability to manage Facebook Page Tab content right from your WordPress site running SmallBiz!

    Manage your Facebook Page Tabs from WordPress!

    SmallBliz Version 3.6 allows you to create Facebook specific pages in WordPress, a Facebook specific navigation menu, and it comes with a Facebook App that connects your SmallBiz site with your Facebook Page.

    With this new version, the Expand2Web SmallBiz Theme represents an all-in-one solution for Facebook/Mobile/Blog and Website, all managed in one place!

    Example of Mobile Example of Website

    Greencastle Web Design MobileGreencastle Web Design new Smallbiz Version 3.6

    Example of Facebook Page using new SmallBiz 3.6

    Greencastle Web Design | Facebook.jpg

    Create custom Facebook pages using Expand2Webs new 3.6 smallbiz theme

    Here is a short list of the major benefits and features:

    SmallBiz Benefits:

    • Create and manage Facebook page tabs from within WordPress (you have a full CMS for Facebook with this theme!)
    • Automatically display touch-enabled mobile landing pages to mobile visitors using iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry devices
    • Build a professional website and blog for a small business in minutes!
    • Social Media widget included for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn
    • Optimized for top Local Search Rankings (hCard microformats, SEO plugin built-in)
    • User Guide with Video Tutorials
    • Legendary Customer Service-Awesome customer service!
    • 8 design layouts out of the box
    • Tweak and change the site with the custom options panel. Customize the header graphic, color scheme, navigation menu, business information and much more without coding.

    New Features in this version:

    • Facebook specific pages and menu
    • Facebook App included: based on Facebook Iframes for page tabs
    • Brand new Image Rotator Layout with easy image uploading, linkable images, scalable text area
    • Collapsible Options Panel for tweaking and styling your site
    • Color picker for Mobile Call and Directions touch buttons

    Here is the download link: SmallBiz 3.6 Download

    If you need help or have questions please feel free to contact us via the contact form or give us a call. We would be happy to assist. expand2web expert badge greencastle web design


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