Don Campbell Expert Take On Links, Trackbacks and Pings

Greencastle presents Don Campbell of Expand2Web

Don is the expert on growing your business on the internet and today he shares his insights and tips on linking, trackbacks and ping backs.



  • Find some really good quality links that are local to you.
  • By default, WordPress blogs, all the comments are a nofollow.
  • Leave thoughtful comments even if you don’t necessarily get a lot of link juice from that, from Google, it’s still super-valuable.
  • When you’re thinking about backlinks, think about it in two ways
    • one is getting traffic
    • second-trust factor in Google- he’s got 25 links from other local businesses in that area all pointing to him. I’m getting more and more confident that this is a reputable business in this particular city or a town and it’s about roof cleaning.” It’s like Google builds that trust up over time and therefore, you start to rank higher in Google searches for related keyword terms.
  •  Trust factors
    • Google wants to know if your business is really where it says it is and who it says it is.
  • Pings-a person just linked to your blog, expands the audience and is automated.
  • Write good comments and good posts to get ping-backs 

Read the Transcript -don campbell Expert Take On Links, Trackbacks and Pings

Grabs some valuable Google trust and leave a comment on your linking thoughts or questions below!

11 thoughts on “Don Campbell Expert Take On Links, Trackbacks and Pings”

  1. Thank you for this excellent podcast on a topic I have often wondered about, Laura and Don. As Don mentions here, most of the trackbacks and pingbacks I see on my blogs are clearly spam and I delete them because they offer no apparent value. I’m glad to hear Don’s insights.

    1. Thanks Eileen, Don explains this so well. You saw the whole process by mentioning Mitch, got the ping, he commented and that makes for some great links and trackbacks/pings, nice!

  2. Laura, I would like to add a plugin to my blog which allows for those who have left a certain amount of comments to have the “no trackback” lifted, as Don mentioned in this interview – do you have one that you can recommend?

    1. Hi Eileen, That plugin that Don was talking about sounds very interesting, but I do not know what it is, I will look for it and let you know. thank you!

    2. @Eileen he only plugin I have found is Do follow Plugin from Semilogic. If you find another please let me know. Thanks
      @Mike I am glad you enjoyed the webinar. Always nice to know you are looking forward to the next!

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