Freshbooks for Service-Based Business owners

Accounting and invoicing made much easier with Freshbooks.

One of my favorite productivity tools – FreshBooks!   FRESHBOOKS

FreshBooks is recognized as the #1 cloud accounting solution for small business owners.


FreshBooks offers the following benefits:

1. Affordable.  It is a cost-effective way of managing business financial data.
2. Simple-to-use. FreshBooks is easy to use as it is designed for small business owners, not accounting specialists
3. Very accessible.   Being cloud-based, the software makes your financial data always safe and accessible anytime, anywhere no matter what device you’re using.
4. Facilitates team collaboration such as team timesheets.
5. Saves time.  It speeds up time tracking, expense organizing, and client invoicing.
6. Secures your data.   Your data is always backed up and secure across multiple data centers.
7. Facilitates collection.  It allows you to accept online payments via PayPal,  credit card, echecks, and 11 other gateways
8. Integrates with other cloud partners.  It allows integration of your account with other cloud partners such as Basecamp and Google Apps.
9. Improves business performance.  It facilitates the generation of real-time financial reports for your use, for tax purposes or for discussions with banks.

FreshBooks Key Features 

Newest awesome feature allow Partial Payments!!!
Below are other key features of this cloud-based accounting software:

  • Customize and send invoices, and get paid online – you will not have to re-create invoices just use the already created item
  • Capture photos of your expense receipts, categorize your spending, and generate reports
  • Track your time as well as that of your team members
  • Track accounting reports and taxes
  • Amazing customer service.  Should you need help, you can readily talk to real live person.

With FreshBooks, you can manage your business finances right in the palm of your hand. You can track your time as you work, monitor your expenses and send an invoice wherever you are through your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


FreshBooks takes pride in being a recipient of the following awards:

  • 2013 Winner of IXDA’s Interaction Award for Making daily activities more efficient.
  • 2009 #1 Web 2.0 pioneer as rated by Backbone Magazine
  • 2008 2nd placer Web 2.0 pioneer as rated by Backbone Magazine

Featured in The New York Times, Huffington Post, CNET, Fox, Accounting Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, MacWorld, TUAW, ZDNet.

Try FreshBooks’ free account now! The free version allows you to manage 3 client accounts.

Produced by software company 2ndSite 2004, FreshBooks now takes pride in helping more than 5 million entrepreneurs in over 120 countries.

Check out FreshBooks blog filled with great small business information.

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