Google AdWords – Is It Right For Your Business

Getting customers is the number one goal for your website. So here is the question…. can Google AdWords help increase your client/customer base while being cost effective?

What is Google AdWords

Things To Know

  • Adwords is the #1 audience-reach advertising platform on earth.
  • Google accounts for over 70% of search traffic in the USA.
  • Adwords is the #1 audience-reach advertising platform on earth.
  • Advertisers are not charged for the appearance of their ads, only for when their ad is clicked on. (Adwords is primarily used for “pay-per-click” advertising.)
  • Advertisers can easily control their budgets.  Budgets can be capped as low as $1 per day.
  • Ads can be paused or changed at any time.
  • Ads can be targeted to show only in specified geographic areas, such as a customized radius around an address, or particular zip codes.
  • Your ads only show to the people that search the words and phrases you specify.  Beyond choosing key words and phrases, there are various “match types” that allow you to create broader or more conservative targeting possibilities.
  • You can choose negative keywords that stop your ads from showing.  For example, if a photographer does studio portraits but not outdoor portraits, they can set “outdoor” and “nature” to be negative keywords.   This way, their ad can show for the search “portraits,” but not show for the search “outdoor portraits.”
  • You can write two different ads and set them to rotate.  This way you will be able to tell which particular wording or promotion gets more response.  This is called “split-testing.”
  • You control the costs per click.  It’s an auction-based system in which you set your maximum cost-per-click.  For example, a florist might bid high for the phrase “wedding florist” and low for the phrase “birthday bouquet”.   A unique ad can be set for each phrase as well.
  • Although Adwords is extremely popular and effective for advertisers, very few businesses understand the true power and flexibility that it offers. The opportunity to gain advantage over your competitors is enormous.
  • Google offers $100 of promotional credit for new accounts.

This information is not from me but from Barry, another Expand2Web Expert. Barry specializes in Google AdWords and will be giving a presentation on Thursday @ 7:30. So please feel free to gather your AdWord questions or post them in the comments below so that you can decide if AdWords might be beneficial for your business.

If you need more information feel free to email or call for an invite.


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