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Making Content Writing Easier With Grammar Tools

You already know that adding content is important for Google to crawl your site and for people to see you as a trusted expert in your field. But, what if you do not have much confidence with your writing abilities? I know I certainly can use some grammar and punctuation help. I have learned that Word, as good as the spell checker is, just is not good enough for articles that I write. Yes, I say that with a chuckle because no matter what I write something or usually somethings need a change.

I have found a solution – online grammar help. Though, my content will not be grammar perfection it will be much more acceptable for the reader and  a solution to making me more confidant in releasing an article.

Tools For Grammar

GrammarlyGrammarly (affiliate link) will check over 250 points of grammar, improve your text, optimize synonyms by giving word options, spell checker within the right context (something that is not always caught by word), plagiarism detection and citations.

With this kind of help the extra few minutes it takes is well worth the time. the free version though is not as effective as the paid version.

Grammarbase- Grammarbase is another option for grammar checking. Grammarbase will check your grammar, punctuation, style, plagiarism and contextual spelling. With GrammarBase if you are using Chrome you can install GrammarBase Chrome extension.

Paper Rater– Paper Rater is a free online Grammar & Spelling check, plagiarism detection and writing suggestions.

Go Ahead-Add Content

Go confidently and add your content, if you make an error, oh well everyone does.

If you are still stuck give us a call or email so we can help you get started.

Please share with us what grammar checker you find useful!

Check your text for grammar errors and instantly improve your writing!

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