How to Link Your City Pages To Your Footer With The SmallBiz Theme

The SmallBiz theme is no longer a viable supported theme. It was great while it lasted. If you are in need of a website with a SmallBiz theme to be updated to a current, responsive and reliable theme please contact us and we would be happy to help. Thank you!

We suggest and create city pages for local businesses that want to reach areas outside of their business address.

City pages are a practical, affordable and if done correctly an effective way to reach areas that you want your business to be found.

Check out the Webinar on Wednesday for a whole in-depth look into City pages.

Linking your city pages

If you take the time to create city pages you should also take the time to create a link in your footer for these pages. If you have several city pages and it looks to crowded in the footer, we suggest you create a locations page that too would be located in the footer and take the place of all the individual page links. The SmallBiz Theme makes it very easy to link city pages in the footer of your site. The reason you would want your city pages in the footer is for the interlinking of pages which is always good practice.

1. Grap the URL to your page.

2. Use a Text Editor add the URL and then add red code


3. Add this code to The SmallBiz footer option

4. If you have more than one code to add here, separate with a comma.

City Page Webinar

Remember to check out our city page webinar, where we show you how to create the perfect city page from title to tags!

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