Keeping Your WordPress Website Updated

Keeping Your WordPress Website Updated

Updating WordPress

  • WordPress-The platform on which your website runs
  • Theme-the overall look to your website
  • Plugins-extra goodies to enhance your website

Most of us love having and/or creating WordPress websites for WordPress ease and simplicity, as well as the fact that we do not need to rely on others to take care of our websites for us. But you do need to keep your website updated and that means checking on your WordPress version, your plugins and your theme at least a couple times a month if not weekly.

WordPress updates to fix bugs, update features and for security reasons. Plugins seem to correlate updates with WordPress updates and themes sometimes need to update to work with the new WordPress version.

What To Do

1 – Check your WordPress dashboard to see if you need to update your WordPress.


Updating WordPress
Updating WordPress


2- Check if your theme will need an update as well.


Updating WordPress and SmallBiz theme

With the SmallBiz theme if you update your WordPress and not your theme some of the themes functions will not work correctly.

3-Check your plugins and keep them up-do date as well.

Don Campbell of Expand2Web has done a great podcast on plugins, blessing or curse. We do not add  many plugins and the ones we do add are tried and true!

Keep On Checking

Checking for updates is not that hard but knowing when to implement them can be puzzling. I will not upgrade until I get the go ahead from Thomas at Expand2Web. When Thomas says all is clear we are good to go.

Let Us Help

If you have a SmallBiz theme and need to update, remember you do need to be on version 3.9 or SmallBiz Dynamic.

Feel free to schedule a Skype Session to update to the newest version of SmallBiz or visit our maintenance package page to keep your site updated all year!



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