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I am a email checker are you? The minute I hear the bing I check… this does not lend to a very productive day! It was time to do something and it was so easy and very helpful.

Want to be more productive? Simply turn on – do not disturb.

Do Not Disturb - Productivity

Want to be very productive?

Keep your do not disturb on all day, everyday! I added the do not disturb every now and then but the real solution was to keep it on!


In your (Mac) systems preferences click on Notifications.

Customize Do Not Disturb

Simply check Turn on Do Not Disturb.  but to be more specific add your time specifications to be sure you are not disturbed during your productive hours.

Turn on Do Not Disturb

Not being disturbed for the whole day makes the most sense for me! Now I check email when I want to check and not because I hear the bing.

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