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User Friendly WebsitesWell Designed Websites With Simplicity In Mind Can Help You Sell more products, book more service jobs and – Make More Money

When visiting a website, what makes you appreciate it? I want a website that gets me exactly where I need to go in a glance. After looking over several college websites (for my boys) I now appreciate simplicity even more. I have found not all college websites are easy to navigate.

Why to keep simplicity in mind when creating your website

  • Easy designs are user-friendly – A simple website makes navigation easy for your customers. If navigation is complicated, your site visitors may leave your site and this is a lost opportunity! Creating a simple site is not always as easy as it sounds. When you do have a website created make sure you ask your designer to make it easy for the customer to find what they need at first glance.
  • Clear – Simple designs generally result in smaller file sizes. Smaller files load faster. Faster loading and faster responding websites improve user experience. Slow loading is one of the top reasons why site visitors leave a website.
  • User Friendly – Visitors will perceive your site as user-friendly if they can easily locate your content. Be user friendly and make your service easy to navigate. Visitors who leave your site without having gone over your content are missed opportunities!

Generally, very few site visitors will read long content, when the purpose of your website is to sell products or services, your web pages should be as clear as possible. A clear picture of the product/service with a good description is advisable.

One high priority when contemplating your website design is user experience. Your website needs to be simple, clear and user-friendly. 

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