Tips for Choosing the Right Web Host

One decision, you as a business owner will make for your website, is choosing your web host.
Web hosts are the companies which provide internet hosting service that enables your website to be accessible via the World Wide Web (www).

How do you choose the web host that’s right for you?

1. Examine the support and customer service offered

Check whether the host provides 24/7 customer service.  A dependable host can be accessed 24/7 through phone, email and live chat. Being able to contact your host without a twenty minute wait time is very important!!! Being able to contact your host on the weekend is also essential!

2. Ensure that the host guarantees its uptime reliability

Uptime is the amount of time during which your site is fully operational; meaning, viewable and usable. Another way of viewing uptime is that it is a percentage of time the web host is accessible via the internet.

3. Check the security features offered 

Choose a web hosting provider that extends reliable security features such as daily backups, spam protection, and user authentication.

4. Don’t be tempted to use price as the deciding factor 

The cheapest offer isn’t necessarily the best option.  Low-priced hosting services may not include other important features such as space and bandwidth.
On the other hand, highest priced hosting service does not necessarily mean the best quality hosting service.

5. Verify availability of extra services

Being geared towards creating a business website, consider the web host that provides e-commerce and multimedia solutions.

Check to see if you can host more than one domain in your hosting package.
Check for availability of extra features such as site statistics, blog support, and some form of content management system.

6. Evaluate your disk space and bandwidth requirements

If you plan to fill your site with lots of graphics and web pages, get a host that offers substantial amount of bandwidth and disk space. Unlimited plans are available.

My personal choice is BlueHost. I have used others but have found BlueHost to be the most reliable and they have the best customer support.

Aside from being highly qualified using the above tips, BlueHost also:

  • enjoys’s recommendation since 2005 as a reliable hosting provider
  • takes pride in being placed in the top position of shared hosting companies
  • offers a help desk that’s filled with rich informative and useful tutorials and videos to help you out in all aspects of web hosting
  • prides of award-winning customer service that’s 100% in house and manned by highly trained dedicated staff (they have awesome support)
  • a proven track record as evidenced by its being chosen by millions of domains, and over 20,000 new customers per month.

Your host does matter and the host companies can change over time so if you find you are not getting all you need it might be time to look for another hosting provider.

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