Top Ten Tips: To Optimize Your YouTube Videos


It takes time to create your videos so make sure your effort is not lost when adding to Google.

1. Pay Attention to Length

The most successful videos on YouTube are those that keep the video length in between two and four minutes. If it’s any more than four, people start to get bored; any less than two and you might have a hard time getting your message across.

2. Use Captions or Subtitles

Videos on YouTube have been known to reach wider audiences than just those who speak English. Therefore, using captions or subtitles on your video is a great way for your video to be viewed by a larger audience, and also will make it searchable in other languages.

3. Choose Keywords Wisely

Keywords can be essential when it comes to your video being listed at the top of the page when someone searches for a related category. For example, say your video is about Macintosh computers. Rather than naming the video “Macintosh Computers,” some keyword research would help you to learn that “Mac,” as opposed to “Macintosh” is much more commonly searched.

4. Content is Key

Even if you do everything right in terms of keywords, length, subtitles, advertising, and more, if the content isn’t interesting, it won’t be shared. Sharing is a fundamental part of how videos gain traction—creating content that is original, humorous, moving, emotional, or catchy will help your video gain popularity quickly.

5. Use Social Media

While you may be using YouTube to upload and share your video, there’s no reason that you can’t post the video on other social media sites, too. As mentioned above, the more you share, the more attention your video will get. Post it to your blog, your Facebook, your Twitter, and your Google+ page and ask people to share it like crazy.

6. Create a YouTube Channel

If you really want to get recognized, don’t stop with just one video. You can create a whole YouTube channel where you upload multiple videos, which is a much more effective way to run a successful video campaign. The more videos you upload, the higher your chances of reaching as many viewers as possible.

7. Upload High Quality Videos

If you’re uploading videos that are slow to load, aren’t formatted well, are blurry or fuzzy, or have any other resolution or viewing issues, people aren’t going to want to watch them. Make sure your video is high quality, and has great resolution, before posting.

8. Don’t Forget About Supporting Content

When you upload a video, you’ll most likely be uploading a video title, summary, title tags, and more along with it. Keep your keywords in mind, and make sure all extra text and supporting content you use is optimized as well.

9. Activate Comments

People love to talk about what they love, so make sure that the comments section on your video is turned on. Chances are you’ll receive more views by allowing users to provide feedback. Plus, you might get some great ideas of what changes to make for your next video.

10. Choose a Great Thumbnail 

A thumbnail refers to the picture of your video that is shown when your video isn’t playing, and is the image that people first see when looking at the video. A great thumbnail can have a huge effect, so choose something that’s engaging and interesting.

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