Web Content You Should Add To Your Small Business Websites

contentGoogle has been emphasizing that a website’s position in search results is based on hundreds of factors.  All these factors point to Google’s objective of providing end-users with helpful, accurate search results.

When talking about giving site visitors helpful and accurate results, this implies providing good quality content that users will want to use and share.

2 categories of content
Web content can be broadly categorized into two:

Core content. This is the main information about your business, your products or services.
Fresh content.  This is the ongoing information you want to share with your visitors.

To make your content Google-friendly, regularly post engaging good quality content.

More Types of Google-friendly web content
If you run short on ideas here is a list of content types you can consider.

Interview articles with “experts”. Check out our podcast with Don Campbell on linking and trackbacks.

Social Content
Update your social accounts whenever you publish that great content.

Lists and rankings are easy to read (e.g. 7 Top Tips on…) Here is a post done on 29 blog topic ideas for a roofing site.

Revisions and Updates
Refresh your content frequently.

User-Generated Content
This can involve encouraging your website visitors to write reviews about your products or services, or post comments about your blog posts along with testimonials.

Video Content
You inform and entertain viewers at the same time. Testimonial widget video.

Press Releases
Post them on your own site and announce via your social media networks, in addition to sending them to third party distributors.

Here is where you can find Greencastle Web Designs guides.

Statistical Content
Content that examines the latest industry statistics and facts.

Great in illustrating heavy data and complex processes.

Resource Centers
This can be a section of your websites that includes a huge amount of content and educational information about a particular subject.

Comparison Charts


Case Studies/Research/Surveys
Provide your personal insights.

Tell a Story
Not fables, but authentic stories that can motivate others to take action.

If you know something about your industry and your predictions hold value these predictions can be worth sharing. Example-The price of paint will increase next year so paint today if possible.

What Ifs


Something funny
Don’t underestimate the power of humor.


Write articles in your off-season and schedule them to go out throughout the year. Schedule simply by clicking on the edit button of Publish immediately and pick a date and time.

Creating content can be time-consuming but when done will help your Google rankings. Have some strategies on content production in place so you can manage regular publishing of Google-friendly content!

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