Is Your Website Attracting Visitors

As a website owner, you certainly want to know whether your website is attracting visitors.

Knowing who visited your website, when people visited your website, and through what content (pages/posts) and or links did people visit your website is valuable knowledge for creating future content and linking to other sites.

How to access your website’s stats

WordPress’ stats feature can be accessed by installing the Jetpack plugin. Stats

The following information on your website’s traffic can be gathered thru WordPress’ stats plugin:

1. The number of viewers and unique visitors your site received for a particular day, week or month (depending on the filter you selected).
2. The number of views you site received per country (by day, week, month, quarter and all time)
3. The number of your referrers or your site viewers who were visitors of other sites and who clicked a link that landed on your blog.
4. Your most popular or most viewed posts and pages.
5. The keywords (terms, words, and phrases) people used through the various search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) to find your posts.
Some search engines though, do not reveal search terms for privacy reasons.

6. Stats for a particular blog (i.e. total views for all months and years since your blog has been registered).
7. Other useful information such as:

Summary on your blog’s content, including totals for posts, comments, categories, and tags.
Number of your blog followers.

    This feature will also allow you to know who your blog and blog comments followers are.

  • Number of spam comments blocked by Akismet.

Benefits of knowing your site’s stats

Below are some benefits in knowing and understanding your stats:

  1. Give you an idea on your potential customers.
  2. Guide you to improved SEO.
  3. Show you how to improve your web content.
  4. Ideas on how to improve your ad campaigns.

It should be emphasized that you need to wait for some time or until you have enough visitors before you can make relatively accurate conclusions about your visitor trends.

We have a client that most visitors visit a particular article so we know to have more content written on this topic. Another client has a particularly high traffic day so they know when to have more phone operators.

Make a clever use of your website’s statistics and they can help you achieve online business success!


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