7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

7BenefitsOfSocialMediaSocial media marketing is one of the hottest trends among businesses today –across sizes and business age.
Among the findings in the 2012 global survey conducted by Nielsen (a leading global information and measurement company) is that:

“Globally, 46 percent of buyers used social media to help make purchase decisions.”

I do not buy via social media but maybe I do without knowing??? This is an impressive percentage and we should be aware of how many people do make purchases this way.

Here are some benefits social media marketing can give you:
1. Inexpensive marketing strategy. It is a low-cost marketing approach than the traditional marketing avenues like the television, radio and the print media.

2. Wider market reach.  With minimal investment, social media allows much wider audience reach than what the tri-media could offer.

3. Excellent platform to engage with customers.  It is often said that there is nothing like the social media when it comes to engaging with customers.  This is because communication is interactive or two-way; viewers can share what’s in their minds, you can likewise respond to their queries.

4. Create brand awareness.  As more people see your business name and the link to your site, your logo, and other details of your social media profiles, you create brand awareness among your potential customers. (this is how maybe we purchase without knowing Social Media had a play in it?0

5. Powerful tool to increase your website’s traffic.  Social media can be a helpful traffic generator when your content gives a compelling reason for your audience to click through and visit your site.

6. Increase search engine optimization (SEO).   Strategic use of social media sites will help more content about your business appear in the search engine results page.

7. Help improve sales performance.  When properly implemented in building rapport and connection with your target audience, social media can increase your network as well as your sales.

Social media marketing is certainly a great way of engaging with your customers, build trust for your business, widen your influence and grow your sales.

Have you leveraged your social media accounts in growing your business? If so which works best for your type of business?


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