How to market your business on Twitter

How Twitter can help your business grow.

Statistic Brain reported that Twitter, which is one of the top 4 widely used social media networks, has an estimated audience of 554.75 million as of April 19, 2013.

What is twitter as a social media network?

Twitter is a free microblogging service that enables users to send and read  text messages called “tweets”. The tweets, which should not be more than 140 characters long, can contain links to content (blogs, news, images, video etc) and  hashtags (a way to group  tweets under a topic that begins with a #).

Benefits from using Twitter

Twitter can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by connecting with existing and prospective customers. It is also called a ‘real time social networking’ site that allows easy and fun way to share and promote your business.

How to use Twitter to market your business?

First and foremost, Twitter users should always bear in mind that Twitter is not about selling. It is not about broadcasting how great your product or brand is (though you can do this occasionally).

Twitter is about engaging with your target audience and building relationship with them.

Identifying your target audience and focuss your efforts on them.
Engaging with your identified audience by:

a. following them on twitter

b. contributing your insights or replying to their tweets

c. retweeting their tweets

Integrating your Twitter account across channels.

Encourage your customers or web visitors to follow you on Twitter and Make your Tweets interesting by varying the mix of voice, style
and content.

a. your content could be in the form of blog, news, photo or video

b. your tweets could be one that simply build relationships (e.g. replies, questions, or retweets)

c. tweets you share could be one that build affinity (e.g. photos of company community service)

d. your content could be one that aims to add value to others, thereby building your authority as an expert in your industry (e.g. linking them to your blogs in your site or in other sites as a guest blogger).

Have you incorporated Twitter in your marketing effort?

It you are congratulations! What about sharing your insights by writing your comments below!

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