Mailbox Zero – Ahhhh!

Have you seen this:  in case you are wondering what this is…. it is my mailbox saying nothing… no emails! I hate to admit this but this is a first for me in years! I always thought I had to save things, you know for just in case. Wow, I really did not have a clue the impact clearing out my emails would have. I know… clear off your desk, clean your office, but clear my emails… that was a bit worrisome for me.

How to Zero Out Your Emails

I used an app called Mailbox thanks to the suggestion via the Digital Strategy School.

no emailsFirst: I put most my emails in a done folder (I did not have to worry that they were gone forever).
Second: Downloaded the Mailbox app to my iPhone
Third: I played around a bit to see what could be done.
Forth: I added a folder called Work-Done-Waiting. This made me feel like I did not have to trash or discard emails I might need later.
Now: I can easily swipe each email to trash, later (and specify when later), or to a specified folder. What an amazing productivity tool!Mailbox-later-158x300

If you have been using this app and would like to share some tips please feel free to do so below. I look forward to zeroing out my email every day!

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