Productivity Tip – Mac Desktops

Productivity Hack for Mac Desktops


I used to have so many tabs opened on my mac chrome browser (like 50 at a time). How could I find what I needed… but then again, how could I close the tab when I still needed it open?

Problem solved!

To eliminate the need to have so many internet tabs open at once use this tip to create a desktop for each of your projects.

Streamline your work productivity!

  1. tap your f3 button
  2. click the plus
  3. drag your browser (with only that projects tabs, text edit, and/or other needs for the project into the new desktop)


To make your desktops easy to identify change the backgrounds. For me, utilizing desktops for each projects helps keep the focus and clears the clutter. I hope this tip helps and please let me know if you have any tips you would like to share.

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