Checking your stats with Site Stats

Check your site statistics easily with Site Stats from Jetpack.

  1. log into your site
  2. find jetpack
  3. click on site stats

Here you will be able to view all sorts of data. Check your data in Days, Weeks or Months.
What you can view:

  1. your referrers
  2. search engine terms (what terms were used to find your site)
  3. subscriptions
  4. top pages and post (great to see what content people are looking for)
  5. clicks (what links people are actually clicking on)


Dig a bit deeper to find out more information. Click on summaries to get a more detailed view of your site stats.


For example check on your top posts via 7 days, 30 days, quarter, year and/or all time.


This is a quick easy way to see what on your site is being searched the most, clicked on, and where you get your visitors. The best thing I like about site stats is that it is good info, quickly, that helps me decide what content to create next or at least see what content people like to view.

If you do not see site stats in your dashboard you can install JetPack as a plugin and activate site stats. If you need some help give us a call!


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