YouTube Video Marketing Best Practices For Contractors

YouTube Image4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube daily, that’s an audience! This makes YouTube an affordable platform to promote your services. A number of studies conducted proved that video works. Forrester Research (a notable market research company) found that videos were 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than traditional text pages. Even with this research we can see for ourselves that videos get ranked quickly if optimized correctly. It is noted, however, that not every YouTube marketing video attained success. Many never get viewed, shared or converted.

YouTube Tips

5 best practices for successful YouTube marketing

1. Have clear YouTube marketing goals With clear goals, you can determine what type of video to produce. Should they be to attract new customers? Or provide information and support to existing customers? With defined goals, effectiveness of your video marketing strategy becomes measurable.

2. Managing your videos Sound video management requires:

  • Creation of engaging and compelling videos
  • Giving your videos catchy headlines
  • Making your video more findable by:

a. placing your targeted keywords in the first few words of your video title b. making your video description keyword-rich that reads natural c. starting your video description with your full URL

  • Placing a strong call to action at the last portion of the video.
  • Replying to your viewers’ comments, questions or requests for more information
  • Checking your settings to ensure receipt of notifications when viewers comment on your videos.
  • Regular posting of follow up videos to create credibility
  • Branding your content and video by placing your name, logo and the link to your website (if you are the original creator of the content)

3. Make your videos short and simple It is suggested that you do not go beyond 5-6 minutes. Break longer ones into a series.

4. Customizing your YouTube Channel A channel is the home page for your YouTube account. Customize your channel in a way that would match with your brand’s logo and color scheme.

5. Promoting your videos Among the strategies you can employ to broaden the reach of your videos are by:

  • emailing your friends and subscribers and tell them about your video
  • integrating your YouTube video campaign into your social networking sites
  • posting a blog every time you post a new YouTube video

What other best practices on YouTube video marketing are you implementing? We would love to hear!

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