Tips To Write a Great “About Us” Page

We just talked about CTA or Calls to Action being important in the design of your website. Another important  design element is your  “About Us” page. The “About Us”” page gets traffic! When you check your site stats in jet pack or google analytics you will see that your About page does get quite a few hits. Visitor’s click on about pages because….

  • Your visitor is interested to know how you can help solve their problem
  • Your visitor wants to know if they trust you

About Us Page Design Tips

Tip #1. Convey a central message As you write your “About Us” page, take it as an opportunity to build a relationship with your visitors by conveying a message that the site is all about them; that you are there for their best interest. Give your readers reason to bother reading about you and your business by talking about how you can help them.

Tip #2. Use your own writing voice This means writing like you talk. Avoid sounding very corporate and sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to be a little funny, if that’s part of who you are.

Tip #3. Share your credentials Build your credibility by sharing your relevant work experiences, people and organizations you have worked with, awards and recognitions you received, industry as well as cause-related organizations you are actively involved in, etc. You may brag (a little).

Tip #4. Introduce yourself with pictures Get personal by including real pictures of yourself (not caricatures or avatars), or pictures outside of your establishment, or other images that can further support your story. Make sure your About Us page contains your full name and your contact details. Should you include a video, make sure that it is accompanied with a brief written description.

Tip #5. Tell them how to get to know you better Avoid an about page that is long and boring. Remember, you can encourage your visitors to visit your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) for more information about your personal and company credentials. Having your social media accounts reflected in your About Us page can further build your credibility as well as trust by prospective customers in your company.

How is your About page? I know I have a few items to add. : )

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