The importance of a “Call to Action”

SignUpNowOne of the most important design elements to a contractor small business website is a call to action. Making it easy for your website visitors to easily find your call to action and act on your call to action is your goal. With this in mind make sure you know what it is you want your visitors to do.

  • fill out a free quote
  • call today
  • text now
  • sign up for our newsletter
  • take advantage of our special offer

Create a call to action that is in line with your business goals. Create and define your business website’s goals so that you will know the correct call to action.

  • Get more people to ask for an estimate or free quote
  • Have more phone call traffic
  • Increase the number of visitors to your retail store
  • get more visitors to download your e-book in exchange of their email address
  • encourage more visitors to register in your webinar
  • have more visitors sign up for your newsletter

You will make more purposeful calls to action or CTAs if you have clearly defined your website’s goals.

Why calls to action are so important

Calls to action, which are clear statements instructing your visitors what to do, can:

  • give your visitors more control over their experience with your site
  • improve your site’s focus
  • encourage active participation of your site visitors
  • create goodwill
  • provide a way of measuring your online success
  • improve your conversion rate
  • help increase your ROI

Calls To Action Tips

Here are a few techniques you can practice to encourage your visitors to act:

  • Use short simple action words (e.g. Shop now, Call Now, Contact Us, Get a Quote) Emphasize its importance.
  • Give your call to action it prominent placement.
  • Be particular with your CTA design.
  • Make your call to action stand out from the rest of the page and make it dominant (e.g. use a color that contrasts with the background, big enough to stand out)
  • Offer a little extra. At times, you may have to offer incentives to encourage visitors to complete a call to action (e.g. discounts, coupons, gift)
  • Create a sense of urgency. Add urgent phrases to reflect a need to act immediately (e.g. For a short time only).
  • Have a call to action on every page. It’s a great idea to have your site’s primary call to action prominently placed in all your interior website pages.
  • Be consistent in wording and design. Repetition is a great way of reinforcing your message.

It should be emphasized though, that even how purposeful and well-crafted your calls to action are, they could not stand alone! To make the most of your calls to action, your website and landing pages have to be optimized!

What is your call to action?

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