Your Business in Google Maps

Google Maps has become the ultimate reference that internet users around the globe use for their mapping needs.

Do you know that Google provided a special platform for business owners to connect with local customers?  And it is FREE!

Places for Business

Through Google’s Places for Business, business owners can create their own business listing that enables their businesses to get found on Google Maps.

Although most people call it “Google Maps”, this free service is actually called “Google Places”; both terms are used somewhat interchangeably.

This platform allows you to enhance your Place Page by adding photos, videos, coupons, and even real-time updates like your weekly promotional campaigns.

Businesses eligible for Google Places listing

All legal businesses, including those that do not have physical addresses, are eligible for Google listing.  Another requirement is that your business makes in-person contact with customers

You can refer to Google Places Quality Guidelines for other eligibility requirements.

Benefits of using Google Places

The obvious benefits of utilizing Google Places are:

  • It brings your business and your prospective local customers together, both online and in the real world.
  • It helps drive traffic to your website
  • It can build your credibility
  • It can enhance your branding effort
  • It can be used for your marketing and promotional campaigns
  • It can provide valuable information about your business (through customer reviews and built-in analytics)

In order to optimize benefits from using Google Places, carefully follow the guidelines and tips provided for in these two resources: Google Places OneSheeter.pdf and Google Places Quality Guidelines.

Take advantage of this great FREE tool of growing your business. Create your Place Page now and have your business show up on Google Maps!

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