8 Reasons Why A Small Business Must Have a Website

Reasons You Need a Website

In today’s digital world, every small business must have a website even if you’re not planning to sell your products or services on online.

  • But why?
  • My business is so small…I do not even have a staff!
  • My products can’t be sold online!
  • My customers do not even bother browsing the internet!”

These are some of the reactions of small business owners that have a business, which is running smoothy without a business website. They may feel they are not big enough to have a website created or if they have a website created it would not be worth the time and money.


  • 39% of the world’s population are internet users (ITU)
  • 61% of the Americans browse the internet (ITU)
  • 83% of American internet users make online purchases (statisticbrain.com)

8 reasons why you should have a website as a small business owner

  • Your site can serve as your digital business card.  People searching for products online will know about your business and how to contact you through your website.
  • Makes your business info accessible 24/7. Existing and prospective customers can learn more about your business and you even when you are vacationing, or even when you are asleep.
  • Cost effective way of promoting your business. The fact is web sites are considered the most cost effective avenue for promoting your business, of reaching a wider audience.
  • Establishes the credibility of your business.  Having a website can help make your business look professional and established.
  • Can build your personal brand.  Your business website is an excellent tool in building your image, in strengthening your authority in your chosen niche.  This can help establish customer trust.
  • Will enhance your printed materials.  Placing your website URL in your printed materials (e.g. business cards, brochures, fliers, posters) can enhance your printed ads.
  • Excellent tool to engage with customers.  Your website is a great instrument to sustain relationship with existing customers as well as establishing rapport with prospective clients
  • Easy and inexpensive way of updating your business info.  Your website allows you to easily update your business info with very minimal cost as compared to print ads.

It should be emphasized that it is not enough that you just have a website. Your website should be professional-looking so your site visitors will take your site seriously. Your website must be able to create a good first impression. Once your site is up and running then it is time to add content!

Don’t miss the opportunity of taking a slice of the growing number of internet consumers. Your business website after all is an essential component of your business success!


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