Adding Posts and Pages to Your WordPress Site

Posting On Your Word Press Website Small business Website

Having the ability to add content to your website is an exceptional way to keep your clients and customers up to date with your business. Adding posts and content to your pages is also  a great way to keep search engines ranking your website.

So how do you add content? With WordPress websites it is really easy. Follow the instructions below and if you have any questions give us a call.

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Your page will look like this.

Adding pages and post to wordpresspages and post

Editing/Adding a New Page or Post

  • • Posting is good for the search engines
  • • Content does matter-make your readers want to come back
  • • Use key words

Over View of Toolbox


Linking-meaning to be able to click on a word or phrase and connect to another page or website.

More Toolbar Options


Text and Word Documents

More Toolbar Options

Adding An Image

We are happy to help small business owners with WordPress small business websites. If you have any questions about your existing WordPress website or would like to get started with a small business website please fill out our free consultation form. We look forward to helping your business grow!

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