7 Signs Your Website Needs an Update

Greencastle Web Design just did a major website update. Whew, finally. We needed a major overhaul for a while now but we were so busy with work it took a while to find time to update our own site.

How do you know when you need to update your website?

7 signs to signal you should update, overhaul, or re-design your website.

1 – Your website looks funny – if images are not rendering correctly you need to take notice as you know potential clients will notice.

2 – The contact form is not working – yikes! This is a must fix now situation.

3 – The last post is over a year old – First of all congrats on being busy. But just find the time and make it happen!

4 – You have changed your colors, logo, phone, address, or email – keep your site’s marketing in check.

5 – Your website does not respond to all devices – your website needs to look great on a phone, a tablet, iPad, and all sizes of desktops. If you do not know if your website is fully responsive you can check here. – Google’s Mobile Test

6 – What are your services/products – if this is not easily stated then it is time to update and make your site super user-friendly.

7 – And the biggest reason to update your website is when you do not want to show to anyone!

We had a lot of reasons to update. New address, no recent posts, but mostly I was getting to the point where I did not want to share my website – that’s a big indicator that it is time to make a change.

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