70 ways to rock as an entrepreneur

WordCamp Boston

We went to Boston last week (Mike and I), what a great city! We went to Fenway Park, was introduced to J.P. Lick (best ice cream, good thing there are none around here) and the list goes on. But the real reason for the trip was for  WordCamp Boston!  There are closer WordCamps but going to Boston I was able to meet Eileen and Andrew in person. Skyping is nice but an in person meeting is even better. I also met more amazing like minded people.

How To Rock as An Entrepreneur

One of my favorite seminars was how to rock as a freelancer. They presented great tips and easy to digest advice to rock as a freelancer. So I put together a make shift list of how to rock as a entrepreneur. Some of the points are directly from the seminar which can be seen in these slides https://www.slideshare.net/troydean73/101-ways-to-rock-as-a-freelancer and some are my points learned after years of being an entrepreneur.
Getting an accountability partner – was my biggest take away point.

70 Ways to Rock As an Entrepreneur

  1. Always keep learning
  2. Plan your week every Monday
  3. Set deadlines and mean it
  4. Create tasks for yourself
  5. Set aside time to grow
  6. Be undeniably present wherever you are – meeting, seminar, alone
  7. Create your referral machine
  8. Build with WordPress – so you can keep growing
  9. Use automation – whenever possible
  10. Create crafted email replies – you know the welcome, the thank you, the away from the office….
  11. Present clear, very clear proposals
  12. Be clear on payments – schedule and amount
  13. Be proactive – its your business
  14. Collaborate with others – it amazing how much this helps
  15. Set hours for set things – invoicing, proposals, growing your business, etc.
  16. One thing… one time – don’t recreate tasks that can be saved and reused or re-purposed
  17. Make tutorials –  great for when you hire new people
  18. Learn marketing – online and off
  19. Refer to yourself as a Professional – always
  20. Find a community – there are plenty
  21. Serve others – : )
  22. Know your target audience – create your client avatar
  23. Develop processes
  24. Let hard clients/customers go – quickly and gently
  25. Delegate your weaknesses – sooner rather than later
  26. Don’t reduce your prices
  27. Give yourself a pay raise – you know your self worth
  28. Build an email list – yes really
  29. Create good content – Google will love you
  30. Understand that SEO is important
  31. Know what Social Media outlets will help your business
  32. Sell VALUE
  33. Sell discovery sessions
  34. Don’t meet for free
  35. Limit client meetings – set parameters
  36. Network, network, and more networking
  37. Set expectations with clients
  38. Have a support email support@
  39. Separate business finances – from personal finances
  40. Get a bookkeeper or use a system that makes bookkeeping a snap – Freshbooks
  41. Know what you can write off
  42. Say what you mean and mean what you say
  43. Set work-life balance rules
  44. Get dressed for success
  45. Make exercise part of your routine
  46. Value your work immensely
  47. Know your why – remember your why
  48. Set yearly goals
  49. Reward yourself
  50. Get an accountability partner – big help
  51. Don’t work weekends – sharpen the saw (Franklin Covey)
  52. Get a standing desk – have not yet
  53. Love your office
  54. Hide notifications on your phone
  55. Hide notifications on your desktop
  56. Listen to music
  57. Get an online scheduler – timely.app
  58. Take a vacation
  59. Always move forward
  60. Be quirky, silly, friendly whatever it is that is you – be yourself
  61. You are the boss – Be the boss
  62. Fix what’s broken – fix it correctly
  63. Learn to say – NO
  64. Learn to say – YES (when it is right but scary)
  65. Breathe in, Breathe out. No fear, no doubt. (Martha Beck)
  66. Don’t quit yourself – never ever
  67. Save – save, and save
  68. Love your money – it helps you do the things you want to do
  69. Live life – always
  70. Be kind, be helpful, remember the golden rule and carry on
 Please let me know what you think should be added to the list.

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